Andrea Roth Married Todd Biermann Earlier Than Announced In Very Small Secret Ceremony

Andrea Roth tied the knot with her longtime boyfriend, Todd Biermann, last month, on October 7 and kept everything under wraps. No one in the media new that the “Rescue Me” star changed her wedding plans and took the vows much earlier than established and in a total different location than the couple announced. Why this turn of events? Well, Roth and Biermann, who met on the set of “Rescue Me” in 2007 (she starred as Denis Leary’s wife on the FX drama), originally planned to tie the knot at a large celebration in the Dominican Republic, but they changed their plans when Roth’s mother was diagnosed with brain cancer.

andrea roth todd biermann wedding

And so, due to a family drama, Roth’s altruistic side took charge. She planned the wedding in three short weeks and moved the event close to home. It was a happy day for her as she said to the press a few days ago, but still, it was not just about her. Her nuptials day was one she would never forget but unlike many brides, Roth was not the central figure. “My mother, Jane, was diagnosed with stage four brain cancer in January of this year,” says Roth, who will soon join the cast of “Ringer”. “She was very weak so we planned our wedding in three weeks near my parents’ house.”

The actress, 44, and producer Todd Biermann said ‘I do’ at Vineland Estates Winery in Ontario near Niagra Falls. Twelve people, including the couple’s 18-month-old daughter, Ava, witnessed the happy moment and attended the reception. Roth walked down the aisle carrying Ava in an ivory eco-couture gown by Canadian designer Adele Weschler and it seems she was not a Bridezilla. In fact she didn’t stressed over being too meticulous because she is a mother and according to her, “When you have a baby, you’re busy being a mom.”

ava roth baby at wedding

The little girl got scared, so she walked down the aisle with her mother “Then, pretty much the whole time we were doing vows, Ava had to be in my arms. When she got tired, she fell asleep in Todd’s arms right at the end of the ceremony.” This may sound outrageous for a bride who didn’t experienced motherhood, but for Roth, “it was so special…the three of us, when we exchanged vows [or] the three of us dancing – those are the moments that made me happy”. Besides, the woman who gave her the gift of life was there, making the day even more memorable. “Before the wedding my sister and I weren’t sure she was going to make it,” she said to People magazine. “They weren’t certain she’d even be able to be at the wedding for an hour. But she was determined to be there. She ended up staying for hours and hours. It could not have been a more perfect day.”

andrea roth wedding

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