Victoria Beckham and David Beckham wedding pictures

Victoria Beckham is best known as “Posh Spice” as a member of the singing group “The Spice Girls”.
She is married to English football player David Beckham in 1999 with whom she has three sons.
The Beckhams moved to Los Angeles, California on 12 July 2007 as a result of David Beckham being signed to play for the LA Galaxy.
The couple’s joint wealth is estimated at £112 million.

12 Responses to “Victoria Beckham and David Beckham wedding pictures”

  1. angel Says:

    OMG i still think she is an ugly cow oh david you can do so much better, it really would be like being married to hitler get out while you can david run boy run

  2. Jaxk Says:

    Well victoria is georgeous david is a cheating dick!!!

  3. chick Says:

    well…the kids???who’s that…their kids..??on their wedding day…???

  4. Beth Says:

    I love victorias fashion sense NOW although I don’t undestand why she claimed to be posh back then… her wedding bouquet was hideous! the ugliest one ive ever seen and her hair for her wedding was tragic.

  5. stella Says:

    oh gosh they are great man….wats wrong with them being together???

  6. Julie Says:

    I believe that was their baby son Brooklyn in the wedding pix with them. The other kids looked like the ringbearers, perhaps. Interesting outfits for them, for sure! Victoria should smile more. She has a pretty smile. David’s just gorgeous, period.

  7. rea Says:

    i love them both sooo much..i’ve read the love story in reader’s digest…they’re such a great couple so i hope they won’t separate…

  8. MEL Says:

    cada roupa para criança!!!

  9. michelle Says:

    They’re awesome, they keep to thier own business. And they have style. Angel I feel sorry for you that you are so jealous of a happy couple. I wonder what people are saying about you.

  10. maria Says:

    I love them david hot she’s pretty and she is a gr8 singer he is a great soccer player and know those are niece and nefew i think victoria looks great but best wedding dress ever is erin ludwigs look it up its sooo pretty

  11. Danièle Lezay Says:

    I can not believe you can all be so nasty & jalous?
    I like them both I am disgusted at peoples your kind ares you so beautiful yourselves? I doubt it. to be so ugly inside must surely come out.
    Jalousy is a nasty vice wake up all of you I am a mother & I would hate to cross you all in the street.
    I think they are both find with the same problems we face every days hope you all have the same problems they do? in fact you are most lucky to be all ugly & have husbands or wifes wearing horns.
    Shame? on you. Danièle

  12. Thuane Says:

    I think he’s very handsome, so he could get a better wife. She’s ugly and strange, so I’m too angry with this, I’m much more beautiful then her, and I don’t have him close to me, it’s a irony…

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